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Custom Portraits

Thank you for your interest in a custom painting!



All artwork is original and hand made. This is not a digital reproduction. I use Golden brand professional grade acrylic paint on your choice of stretched canvas or canvas board. This paint is lightfast and permanent, with no extenders, fillers or dyes added and is UV resistant. The painting does not need to be framed behind glass.


I use photographic reference but my work is not photorealistic. My artwork is meant to be interpretive, and is inspired by the work of the Impressionists. My focus is on color and light, and uses gestural brushwork. 



Spend some time collecting your favorite photos and send over a collection of 5-10 images. You can send them through IG to @lauragreenstudio or email:


iPhone photos are usually fine. The photos should be clear and in focus, and the eyes of the subject should show detail and a little sparkle. The best photos have consistent lighting, and no hats, costumes, sunglasses etc. (unless thats what you want in your painting!) and have no filters. Sometimes portrait mode can lose detail as well so please send some without that mode. I will select one or two and crop it to my liking and this will be my source for the painting.


For children and pets, looking away from the camera or engaged in an activity associated with their interests make a better painting than a posed photo.

A full purchase of "custom portrait" (see below in Shopify) or payment through Venmo, PayPal or Zelle is required before starting.


Acrylic paint is difficult to change once it dries, so I can only make small adjustments, if any are needed. Otherwise,once completed, the artwork is AS IS. 


You can expect your artwork to be shipped via USPS or UPS. The customer covers shipping, and you will pay for this at the time of check out in Shopify. You can also request a quote ahead of time.

  • Note: I retain the rights to use my artwork digitally in promotion for my business, unless specifically requested by the customer not to. 



Paintings are unframed. 


Children's Portraits

Capture your favorite memory

Pet's Portraits

To remember and capture that loving expression

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